Some of the services we offer our clientele are:

  • Birkenstock Sandals Resoling
  • Men’s/Women Shoes Re-Soled/Re-Heeled
  • Shoes Stretch
  • Handbags/Briefcases Repaired (a limited service)
  • Zippers Replaced in Boots
  • Men’s/Women’s Boots Resoled/Heeled
  • Off-Site Sharpening Service (knives, gardening tools, mowers blades, scissors…)
  • Keys Made
  • Fabric Shoes Dyed to Match Any Color
  • Boot Stretch – Width & Calves
  • and more…

In addition we carry a complete line of Tarrago and Meltonian polishes, shoe trees, shoe horns, laces for all shoes and colors, and shoe dyes.

Mail orders accepted via USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Please call ahead for an estimate and to alert us of the incoming package.

Sorry we do not work with luggage.